Saturday, July 15, 2017

Get what you want... that's where the questions crop up

         "Periodically all inhabitants of Earth groaned under some type of lack, and people who were worth their salt learned to cope without taking it out on others or using drugs"(Woodsmall).   In book two of The Amish of Summer Grove, Fraying at the Edge, there are so many themes covered, but the biggest one of those is the idea of dealing with frustrating and sometimes horrifying events in life with grace so that those around us do not have to pay in pain along side us. 
        There are parts of Fraying at the Edge that are difficult and some that are painful.  Life is not always what we expect.  And people often make it so much worse by presenting arguments supposedly for our best interests but actually just to make us think and once we begin thinking we can't stop.
         Arianna and Skyler are wonderfully crafted characters.  They draw us in--just as the side characters do--but more than that, it feels like we're interacting with friends and not characters.  All of them change and soften and grow more complex with this book.  In particular, Nicholas (who I thought I didn't like) became complex, human, and actually likable.  The first book was a fast read but this one was even faster.  Cindy Woodsmall is quite a brilliant writer and I look forward to the third and final book of this series.   This book has gone places that I've never seen another book go, Amish or otherwise, and it has caused so much deep thought about my own life and the lives of those I love that it almost hurts to think of the razor's edge Ariana left us on.

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