Thursday, April 30, 2015

More than the Fallen are Rising

     The second in Chuck Black's War of the Realms trilogy, Rise of the Fallen, was nothing short of page turning, encompassing, and amazing.  Book one, Cloak of Light, set the stage and was good in its own way, but where it left questions and sadness (plot wise) Rise of the Fallen brought fulfillment and excitement.  Black painted beautiful scenes of Heaven pre-Earth creation and the lives of angels, thrilling images and emotional pictures of how it might have been to have lived in Heaven during the fall.  And the feelings that Black built into the angels at the betrayal of one of their own joining the Fallen was palpable.  This spiritual world is built on scripture and a lot of supposition but Black was able to bring to is  a feeling of realness and vividness that made it come to live.  After receiving a free reviewer's copy of this from Monmouth publishing, there are two things that must be said: this is a book for all ages and is the best yet of the War of the Realms series. Go ahead, pick it up and become engrossed in the two realms.